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Schbot S8 - Black 2024

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The S8 is our bestseller as we already have over 10000 families in Estonia using it! This is a very big quality mark! Warranty 5 years FREE!

Schbot is a selection used in their own homes by well-known Estonian people such as Stefan Airapetjan, Kristin Tattar, Saskia Alusalu, Getter Jaani, Taavi Rõivas and others. Maybe S8 can help you become the best in the world at something, so you can focus on what really matters to you.

3in1 robot vacuum cleaner: vacuums, sweeps floors and cleans.

The Schbot S8 floor cleaning robot is equipped with two different tanks. This means that the robot not only vacuums but also cleans floors. The Schbot S8 does two tedious chores at once. It is also an effective choice for homeowners. The Schbot has one of the best cleaning programmes on the Estonian market, as it has up to 3 strength levels and is therefore suitable for most floor coverings. In addition, the S8 is also very quiet. The washing chamber comes free of charge with the purchase. The S8 model is ideal for 0-80m2. If the area to be cleaned on one surface is larger, we recommend the Schbot F1.


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Revolutionary 3 in 1 robotic vacuum cleaner

HÜBRIID ROBOTIC CLEANER - Schbot S8 robot vacuum cleaner with mapping system.

The Schbot S8 is a new generation of hybrid robotic vacuum cleaners with excellent performance and more reliable cleaning efficiency than any other previous model.

High-precision sensors and elements, which include gyroscopes, infrared sensors, brushless motors, etc., make the Schbot S8 robotic vacuum cleaner highly accurate.

The Schbot S8 has multiple cleaning modes and a smart app to control cleaning modes anywhere, anytime. The Schbot S8 automatically mirrors the app's cleaning actions in real time. This saves you more time and avoids having to repeat cleaning.

Robot Time Table

You can set a cleaning schedule from Monday to Sunday. The robot will run exactly when it's best for you and will recharge itself when the battery is low. You can set the schedule from the remote or from the APP, wherever you are.

For example, you could set the cleaning to start at 10.00 every day and/or, for example, have the rooms clean by 17.00 on Friday so that you can get home by 17.00.

Using Schbot S8 is easy!

The robot vacuum cleaner can be controlled from your phone, remote control or with the push of a button, and you can monitor the robot's cleaning from the app.

The Schbot S8 is equipped with special sensors, detects the size of the room and intelligently manages the cleaning of the entire home.

The robot will work on a scheduled basis, picking up from all locations at once, and will then turn itself back to recharge when the battery level is below 20%.

Schbot is a great floor cleaner and vacuum cleaner

Powerful 2000PA vacuum cleaner suction power, IC-controlled water tank, Water drip is electronically controlled by chip. The S8 cleans an area of 150 to 200 square meters on a single full charge. Once the water tank is installed, the robot automatically switches to wash mode to ensure a consistent cleaning result, Durable 2600mAh battery.

Brushless vacuum motor. What's more, it won't get stuck on carpets.

5 cleaning options - which do you prefer?

Automatic cleaning - automatically draws a cleaning plan
Magnetic no-go zone - set an area with a magnetic strip where the robot is not allowed to go.
Hybrid - vacuuming and washing
Scheduling - set the cleaning schedule
Maximum vacuuming - select maximum suction power 2000pa

Schbot S8 requires less charging time and gives more cleaning time

The robot is powered by a 2600 mAh battery, which gives it a working time of up to 120 minutes. Within 3-4 hours the battery is fully charged. Even with such a powerful suction power (2000pa), the Schbot S8 works longer than most similar models.

More sensors - greater accuracy

180-degree angle between the robot and the charging station to receive and transmit the signal. The Schbot S8 will find the station and recharge faster than ever.

Install the charging station on the first or second floor in a spacious place visible to the robot. The robot can be used anywhere regardless of the location of the charging station.

For example, if you don't have a charging station on the second floor, the robot will stand in the middle of the room after cleaning.

Schbot S8 robot vacuum cleaner climbs over obstacles up to 1.5cm high

The S8 will pass unhesitatingly over carpets, thresholds and doorsteps if the height of the obstacle is less than 1.5cm.

With extra-low profile (7.5cm)

The Schbot S8 robot vacuum cleaner is lower than most household vacuum cleaners and successfully cleans under beds/couches/desks and other furniture.

Also suitable for allergy sufferers

3 levels of filtration - a dust filter, a sponge filter and a HEPA filter prevent secondary air pollution and protect allergy sufferers from micro-dust.

For more information

Weight 5.5 kg
Dimensions 59.3 × 12.8 × 40 cm
Package weight

7 kg

Net balance

2.85 kg



Remote control

Comes with

Controllable by app


Battery charging time

3 -4 h

Charging station

Comes with

Types of cleaning

Vacuum cleaning, floor cleaning, dry and wet cleaning

Noise level

55 dB

Working time

55- 160 minutes

Battery type

Li-ion (2.600 mAh)

Battery warranty

1 year

Voice control

Amazon Alexa, Google Home


less than 1,5 cm

Robot height

7,5 cm

Specific characteristics

- Management from the application
- Compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Home
- Vacuum cleaner and mopping
- Smart navigation
- 600 ml dust tank capacity
- Water tank capacity 370 ml

Product guarantee

5 years

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  1. 5

    (22 previews)

    Siiri -

    I've had 2 robots in the past, but I like this one the best because it handles my four-legged hair the best. Kudos to the customer service representative at the Tasku Centre for the good advice too 🙂 🙂 Thank you.

  2. 5

    (22 previews)

    Piret -

    Supper good rhubarb.I don't have any myself yet but I've had a chance to experiment with a friend. Removes dog and cat hair as if there are no animals at home to shed.

  3. 5

    (22 previews)

    Aleksandr -

    We bought it for our mother and ourselves and we are very positively surprised how useful it was. I would recommend you to friends.

  4. 5

    (22 previews)

    Kaspar T -

    We are still overjoyed. We ordered on Friday and it was in the parcel machine on Saturday. We have 2 cats and all the sand and hair was pulled off the floor. The quality of the wash program is also still the best we have seen so far. So 5+.
    Thank you!

  5. Andrei -


  6. 5

    (22 previews)

    Eneli (product owner) -

    How simple and convenient a little machine can make life! As I'm allergic to house dust, we clean our home very often. Cleaning has never been a favourite activity, but now with a robot vacuum cleaner it's easier. We also have a cat in the house, so his hair on the carpet is quick to come out. Now it's just a few button presses and the carpet is clean again! I say this machine is worth the money!

  7. 5

    (22 previews)

    Liina (product owner) -

    Sucks well, the noise is a bit more than I thought.

  8. 5

    (22 previews)

    Bia (product owner) -

    A very good helper. No need to carry the vacuum cleaner to the second floor and it makes cleaning very convenient. The order was fulfilled very quickly, thank you very much! A special thank you to the customer service representative at the Port Arthur outlet, who was very helpful and showed me how to use and maintain the robot.

  9. Tanel -

    A nice helper

  10. Alar kolberg (product owner) -

    Very good robot, good suction power
    Also washes perfectly although I was sceptical at first. Very satisfied

  11. 5

    (22 previews)

    May -

    A very helpful assistant!

  12. 5

    (22 previews)

    Kerly Voolmaa -

    A good helper to keep your home clean. I like this washing function because it works so well. And it's good to have variable speeds and functions and still be relatively quiet. 🙂

  13. 5

    (22 previews)

    Jette -

    Thanks to the robot, I have much more time to spend with my kids 👌 The floors are clean, the kids are happy. I've heard it said that a vacuum cleaner is more recommended for families with children, but I dare to disagree, because the robot requires a lot of preparation (removing small objects etc.). Sure enough, a few things together and it's quality time when a quality robot starts cleaning.

  14. 5

    (22 previews)

    Birgit -

    I am very happy. Thanks to a new family member, I have more time to spend with my children.

  15. 5

    (22 previews)

    Kersti Rämson -

    I have heard nothing but good things about your products. The 3 in 1 floor scrubber is a very good helper to do the most tedious job for you. A relative of mine has one and she praises it to the skies. It's also great that you can get to work when there is no internet.

  16. 5

    (22 previews)

    Karin (product owner) -

    Super helper is our Sofi (that's what we christened her when we took her out of the box).She can find an incredible amount of dust in her box. Very happy!

  17. Elen -

    I also got one last year,I am very happy with it,as I have a long-haired cat and a dog at home.The machine works every day,as the house is big I can do other chores when the robot is working,I especially like the washing function.

  18. 5

    (22 previews)

    Sigrit Vahur -

    Super helper for everyday cleaning, quiet, small, portable, beautiful design!

  19. 5

    (22 previews)

    Häli (product owner) -

    I'm surprised how much dust the robot vacuum cleaner has picked up, so far I'm very happy 🙂
    Since the robot vacuum cleaner has been so good, I also decided to get a window cleaner.

  20. 5

    (22 previews)

    Siiri (product owner) -

    It was commissioned for a new home but after testing it we realised how easy it made our lives, and so it is still delivering the last one in our old home. She copes very well with long hair (we have a lot of it) and cat hair. The floors are clean without having to do anything. And the cat seems to have found a new playmate too 😂

  21. 5

    (22 previews)

    Katrin -

    My first robot. I thought cleaning with a robot would be difficult (especially with all the buttons etc.), but it's so easy and fun! I recommend it to everyone in your home!

  22. Margarita -