Our story

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We'll take you on a journey to Schbot. We'll tell you where the idea for Schbot came from,
who we are and how we are changing the world!

How did the name Schbot come about?

We had hoped to come up with a name in one brainstorming session, but as always, good things take longer. It took us months to come up with the name, instead of the few hours we'd expected. Our mission is to make people's lives easier with devices that do the tedious everyday tasks for them. This also meant that the name had to have 'bot' in it.

At the beginning it was very easy to think of words ending in "bot" and there were pages and pages of cool names. But our joy was spoiled by the fact that our best names had already been thought of long ago. At that point we realised that it wasn't that easy to come up with a good name and that we were really late in thinking of one. So for about 20 years.

But at one point we came up with the name Schbot. Admittedly, at first it was a foreign name even to our team, we couldn't pronounce it properly or spell it. We let the name settle for a while, and after a few days we collectively agreed that it would stay.

It was official - Schbot had been born.

Our aim

Our aim is to bring Schbot into everyone's home. We live in a world where every second counts and we need to find ways to make more of it. With our robotic vacuum cleaners and window cleaning robots, we can make people's lives more convenient by taking on 3 jobs for them: vacuuming, floor and window cleaning. We listen to our customers and improve our robots according to your feedback. 

Customers are important to us and we want to provide the best customer service. We want you to be 100% satisfied with our products as well as our service. Our specialists are always there for you, offering you the best and having an answer to every question.

Where does our commitment to robots come from?

In the past, we had a team of quality cleaners and almost every time our customers would say at the time of purchase, "Your products are mega but they have one drawback: they don't do the job for me.". That's where the idea of bringing something more to people with their busy lifestyles came from. 

There are a lot of good robot brands in the world, but we became interested in offering and creating something ourselves. We saw that we could do things better, we wanted to offer the best for our people, and we improved our models according to the needs and wants of our users.

Team Schbot