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    Schbot F1 - White Premium



    F1 is characterised by Scandinavian design, Swiss precision and German durability! Some of the best known satisfied users are Saskia Alusalu, Kristin Tattar, Getter Jaani, Sofia Murutar and many others.

    Warranty 5 years!

    The NEW Schbot F1 and F1 Max floor cleaning robot impresses with its technical sophistication and extra powerful suction power, adjustable wash function and application-based and voice control.

    The most powerful hybrid LDS robot vacuum cleaner, with a maximum vacuuming power of 2880PA, 3 levels of water extraction and the ability to clean approximately 150-200 square metres of floor on a single full charge.

    The surface to be cleaned is mapped by the robot so that the Schbot F1 robot vacuum cleaner always knows where it is.

    The ideal home robot, also suitable for cleaning allergy sufferers' floors (HEPA filters). F1 sweeps and cleans up to 200 m2.

    " 3in1 robot: sweeping, vacuuming and floor cleaning
    " Controlled water application in sweeping mode
    " Dust collector with three-stage filtration
    " Navigation and mapping system with laser and gyroscopes
    " Maximum safety thanks to cutting-edge sensor technology
    " Free Smart Life app for Android and iOS
    " Compatible with Amazon Alexa/Googlehome/Tmall genie smart speakers.

    DELIVERY TIME TO DELIVERY / WORK: 1-3 working days.



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    Schbot S8 - Black 2024


    DONE! New batch will arrive 24.07.

    The S8 is our bestseller as we already have over 10000 families in Estonia using it! This is a very big quality mark! Warranty 5 years FREE!

    Schbot is a selection used in their own homes by well-known Estonian people such as Stefan Airapetjan, Kristin Tattar, Saskia Alusalu, Getter Jaani, Taavi Rõivas and others. Maybe S8 can help you become the best in the world at something, so you can focus on what really matters to you.

    3in1 robot vacuum cleaner: vacuums, sweeps floors and cleans.

    The Schbot S8 floor cleaning robot is equipped with two different tanks. This means that the robot not only vacuums but also cleans floors. The Schbot S8 does two tedious chores at once. It is also an effective choice for homeowners. The Schbot has one of the best cleaning programmes on the Estonian market, as it has up to 3 strength levels and is therefore suitable for most floor coverings. In addition, the S8 is also very quiet. The washing chamber comes free of charge with the purchase. The S8 model is ideal for 0-80m2. If the area to be cleaned on one surface is larger, we recommend the Schbot F1.


    Original price was: € 729.00.Current price is: € 599.00.

    The first 1,000 robots that arrived in Estonia were bought in 4 months. Be part of a whole new window cleaning experience and get effortlessly clean windows every day. The second batch sold out in a week. The third batch was due to arrive on 16.06 but was delayed and will arrive on 27.06. Sorry. Pre-order immediately to secure your purchase as orders are already very high and limited quantities are coming to Estonia.

    The new Schbot Wind X2 Spray 2024 is Schbot's new window spray series. It is a new generation of window cleaner that allows windows, glass and mirrors to be washed quickly and efficiently in the most effective way. It differs from its predecessor, the Wind X1, in particular because of its built-in water tank, which now allows windows to be washed with an automatic spray system! There is no need to spray the windows with a separate liquid, the robot does it automatically. In addition, the corners of the robot have been improved, which reduces the risk of the robot getting stuck in the seals by 100%. The only window cleaning robot in Estonia with a 5-year warranty.