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Schbot F1 - White Premium

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F1 is characterised by Scandinavian design, Swiss precision and German durability! Some of the best known satisfied users are Saskia Alusalu, Kristin Tattar, Getter Jaani, Sofia Murutar and many others.

Warranty 5 years!

The NEW Schbot F1 and F1 Max floor cleaning robot impresses with its technical sophistication and extra powerful suction power, adjustable wash function and application-based and voice control.

The most powerful hybrid LDS robot vacuum cleaner, with a maximum vacuuming power of 2880PA, 3 levels of water extraction and the ability to clean approximately 150-200 square metres of floor on a single full charge.

The surface to be cleaned is mapped by the robot so that the Schbot F1 robot vacuum cleaner always knows where it is.

The ideal home robot, also suitable for cleaning allergy sufferers' floors (HEPA filters). F1 sweeps and cleans up to 200 m2.

" 3in1 robot: sweeping, vacuuming and floor cleaning
" Controlled water application in sweeping mode
" Dust compartment with three-stage filtration
" Navigation and mapping with laser and gyroscopes
" Maximum safety thanks to cutting-edge sensor technology
" Free Smart Life app for Android and iOS
" Compatible with Amazon Alexa/Googlehome/Tmall genie smart speakers.



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Main features of the Schbot F1 robotic vacuum cleaner

Two side brushes - Sweeps dust from both sides together

Optimised airflow system - Better air resistance, minimised air leaks.

3-stage filtration - Mesh filter + foam filter + HEPA to avoid secondary air pollution.

Efficient but simple floor brush - Efficient sweeping, easy to maintain, Up to 20000 rpm.

Resume cleaning - If the robot is manually lifted to a different location, or if the robot interrupts cleaning to recharge the battery, F1 will return to the point where the cleaning left off to clean the unfinished area.

Revolutionary floor cleaning robot with artificial intelligence

A smart, high-performance hybrid robot with real power!
R16 + DDR A7 4-core chip with SLAM algorithm supported by LDS4.0 laser navigation.

Precise - Smart automatic and precise navigation

Intense - 2880pa of super-cleaning power thanks to a motor with 3 levels and 23000 p/min

All-in-one - Only 9.8 cm high, the smart app controls the hybrid robot's built-in mops, vacuum and sweeping.

Longer cleaning time - 370ml water tank + 2600mAh battery, floor cleaning time: 90-100min, vacuuming time: 55-110min.

6 cleaning options - which do you prefer?

Automatic cleaning - automatically draws up a smart cleaning plan
Virtual no-go zone - set an area where the robot is not allowed to enter
Hybrid - vacuuming and washing
Selective cleaning - specify one area or room to clean
Scheduling - set a cleaning schedule
Maximum vacuuming - select maximum suction power 2880pa

F1 has a powerful suction power of 2880PA

Hair/blades/dust/even metal balls - the F1 robot vacuum cleaner will clean your floor of debris flawlessly.

The F1 has three power levels to meet different needs:


+ supported by a fan motor with a speed of 23000 p/min.

Built-in water tank 370ml

3 levels of water use - Water dosage is controlled electronically by a chip. The F1 cleans an area of up to 150-200 square metres with a single full charge. Once the water tank is installed, the robot automatically switches to wash mode.

F1 robotic vacuum cleaner climbs over obstacles up to 2cm - F1 will climb over carpets, thresholds and stairs without hesitation, as long as the height of the obstacle does not exceed 2cm.

Low profile (9.8cm) - The Schbot F1 robot vacuum cleaner is lower than most household vacuum cleaners and successfully cleans under beds/couches/desks and other furniture.

All in one smart app "Control F1"

Planning, defining the cleaning area, adjusting the suction force of the robot.

Stop/restart/recharge the robot when you are away from home.

Cleaning the house has never been so convenient!

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For more information

Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 52.3 × 16 × 36.5 cm
Package weight

7 kg

Remote control


Net balance

2.85 kg



Controllable by app


Battery charging time

3 -4 h

Charging station

Comes with

Types of cleaning

Vacuum cleaning, floor cleaning, dry and wet cleaning

Noise level

55-68 dB

Working time

55- 110 minutes

Battery type

Li-ion (2.600 mAh)

Battery warranty

1 year

Voice control

Amazon Alexa, Google Home


less than 2 cm

Robot height

9,8 cm

Specific characteristics

- Management from the application
- Compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Home
- Vacuum cleaner and mopping
- Smart navigation
- 600 ml dust tank capacity
- Water tank capacity 370 ml

Product guarantee

5 years

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  1. 5

    (10 previews)

    Katrin -

    Everything is super! Really like it =)

  2. 5

    (10 previews)

    Sofia Matveyev -

    A very handy helper, especially with a baby on the side! 🤩 It's especially handy to be able to run the robot vacuum cleaner away from home olles🙏🏼

  3. 5

    (10 previews)

    Helena -

    I am very happy with the robot. It can be set up away from home and even on a seemingly clean floor, it picks up a ton of dust. Rooms are noticeably cleaner immediately. At the moment I can't imagine life without this machine. 😊

  4. 5

    (10 previews)

    Martin Laanemets -

    Super robot, does its job perfectly

  5. 5

    (10 previews)

    Hiie M. -

    What I liked most about the robots is that I no longer have to walk around with a mop and a vacuum cleaner. It does the work for me. I was very good at picking up debris.

  6. 5

    (10 previews)

    Laura -

    You were a friendly and pleasant person. The robot is very good and helps us save time on cleaning so we can spend more time with our family.

  7. 5

    (10 previews)

    Toomas Andres -

    Saves me a huge amount of time. I don't have to chase around the house with a mop and a dustbin anymore - I can do things that really interest me. Of course, it's also much quieter than a conventional home robot!

  8. Meelis -

    A useful machine, super

  9. Meelis -

    Handy , super machine for cleaning work

  10. 5

    (10 previews)

    Silver Drab Sink -

    I bought it because I want to buy some time for myself and have a cleaner room and a cleaner centre, with more time to deal with the cows.