Nowadays, there are often families with children and animals in the household. Life with animals and children is great, but everyone is likely to feel that time for themselves is slipping away. The question many people ask is, where do I get the extra time? I don't neglect my own children and pets. Neither do I leave work or the house. Getter found a solution to all this. How? Read on to find out.

Aknapesurobot Schbot Wind X1

Our beloved singer, a parent and husband to her own partner, lives in a light-filled home with tall, wide windows that are dangerous and time-consuming to clean, on top of her work and personal life. We helped Getter find a solution that immediately found a use in her household. A window cleaning robot Schbot Wind X1. The robot was warmly received by Getter's family, and as a thank you he promised to tell others about his experience.

Getter started to collaborate with an "unboxing" , i.e. taking the window cleaner out of the box and exhibiting its contents. As you can see from the video, in addition to the device itself, the following also came with it window cleaner tabs, a safety harness with charging cable and a remote control.

The window robot was then put to work independently and the windows of the entire household were thoroughly checked.

Getter's experience with the window robot

While it used to take up to two hours to wash all the windows, today the cleaning process is much shorter with the help of a window cleaner. We asked Getter how the window cleaner has made a difference to his daily life and he replied. It used to be about saving time on cleaning the floor, but now that has changed. She also mentioned that she now finds free time for herself, reading a book or pursuing other hobbies, in addition to her family.


As the blog reveals, Getter and her family are very happy with their new housekeeper. We are sure that the window robot will find a use in many other families. The robot is great at cleaning different types of glass and basically any kind of dirt on windows. Getter will definitely have more time for the things that really matter in life. If you'd like to have more free time and time to yourself, start choosing a window robot here.